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Societal standards of women, and "beauty" are seriously brutal things. Somethings became normal ages ago, when in fact, they are abusive, and I might very well say, violent towards women. There's also, for so many, the added factors of race/color and/or love interests. So much societal crap binds us, divides us, and most of all, makes us feel ugly, unworthy, responsible for everything and even sometimes, deserving of the bad things that may come our way. We are so hard on ourselves. I know it, I am a woman. I've also seen it millions of times with loved ones, friends and women I know. Sometimes we can only see what we lack or have an excess of, thanks to society. We put ourselves on the back burner. We become (not even) second place to so many things. We blame ourselves. We carry the weight of the world. Our whole identities become blurred into our life "titles". We are boxed in stereotypes. We get lost, in the abuse, in that bondage, without even noticing. We forget who we are. We get burned out. We feel exhausted. Who has time to feel beautiful? Kids, jobs, owning a business, being a wife/girlfriend, being single, bills, fur babies, what-not... Who has the money? I get it. First comes everyone else and everything else. I know a lot of us have been there, so many still are. At one point in my life, I realized that if I wasn't well, if I was lost, if I felt overwhelmed, or broken, then I wasn't going to be able to do anything for anyone else either. Which is what I realized had been happening all along. I had been focusing all of my energy on everyone and everything else, except me. And it wasn't working out. I realized I needed to be okay myself, to have time for myself, to find myself. I needed to nurture my body and soul, and  to do things for myself, so I could feel worthy of love. I needed  to feel my beauty and energy from within, if I wanted to get anywhere, for myself, and for others, with real joy, without expectations and without burning myself out. 


I found a tool that helped me see myself in such a different way, photography. It ALLOWED me the space to BE & FEEL whatever I needed and to express whatever I felt, without judgement of society on a physical or emotional level. I allowed "ME-time" by setting boundaries and saying no to some things, as hard as that was. And something beautiful happened. By giving myself time/space, I was having more time for loved ones. Also, in my self-portraits, I saw myself so differently, and wanted to do the same for other women. I saw a beauty that wasn't physical, I saw me as a whole, instead of seeing the things I don't like about myself. I could finally see beyond the "muffin top", or "the undereye bags", or whatever was keeping my view of myself completely blocked and focused on individual things I don't like. I started being grateful for me as a whole and loving me as a whole, and as a whole, I was able to pour love into each single part as well. I still get lost, and letting go of bondage is hard, but it's a process, and I know I can always come back to my photos when I need reassurance. I know being in front of the camera sounds like the complete opposite of "freeing" but stepping outside of that familiar zone made me find the freeing strength within that I was searching for. I found that doing Tarot readings (like my mom used to read to me when I was a young adult), plus doing a little meditation before I took self-portraits, helped me set the intention and gave me release that helped with being a lot less awkward in front of the camera. So I do it every time now :)

About a couple of years ago, I went back to photographing and creating freely with women. The Break Free Photo Sessions started cooking. I don't think it was a conscious thing, nor it was like a "Eureka!" moment. These came into being through time, work, and the definite intention of helping women find their own beauty and voice through photography, like I did. I finally came up with the whole concept a few months ago, calling them "Creative Portrait and Boudoir Sessions", and later, my mentor suggested the "Break Free" name, which I loved! So I took it.

Along with the name change, came a few changes in what is offered with the sessions, so each experience can be as epic as possible. The Break Free Photo Sessions were "officially" born. My passion for photographing women has only increased through the years, and especially that need to create meaningful, releasing experiences instead of "just photo shoots". It really brings out the soul of each woman I photograph, because everything is catered to each individual woman. I wanted these sessions to have meaning, to be a way to celebrate ourselves and love ourselves without societal boundaries, breaking free from abuse (whichever shape or form it came/comes as). I also want to absolutely spoil each woman that wants to do this. We are all so beautiful, powerful and perfect just the way we are, and we all deserve to feel and know it!!! <3

Are you also craving beauty that comes from within? Are you craving feeling like the goddess you were put on this earth to be? Want to break free from societal bondage/standards/abuse and release your inner light and power?? Looking for an experience in which the Sun, Moon and Stars will revolve around YOU?? Well, that's *exactly* what you will experience with your Break Free Photo Session.

I design each session based on a very detailed Questionnaire, which gives me the tools to create a completely personalized experience for each one. You can expect a SUPER FUN, SAFE environment, catered to YOU! 


What Women who have Broken Free are saying!

"I wanted to tell you, this morning while I was cuddling with my oldest cat (lol) I started thinking about the shoot we did. And I really think that it was a true break free situation. Like I honestly feel like since that shoot, I have felt more of my magic returning to the surface and like I want to do more creative and magical stuff. I feel like it was buried deep under a lot of grief and pain and while those feelings are still very much present, I feel like the magic in me is sprouting again if that makes sense. I really hope that other women get to experience your break free session and truly break free in some way."


"I had an amazing experience with my Break Free Photo Session!! Cami took such great care to make me feel not only comfortable in my own skin but down right pampered!! I loved how my photos turned out and I can’t wait to hang things on my walls!"


Analogue Keepsakes

I deliver your photos in gorgeous Analogue Keepsakes that will stand the test of time! Archival quality, acid-free prints, good old classic photo-albums that are planet+human friendly <3 plus, Wall Art and other incredible print options!

All you have to do is choose your fave photos from your session, the kind of prints and/or album you want (don't worry, I'll be here to guide you and advice you through the whole process), and I take care of making it all happen! 


The Curated Closet

I am proud to say that I am slowly building a curated client closet that you can absolutely use in your session, and you will also get hand-picked swag, just for you! I choose designers with the softest, most beautiful and rad fabrics & designs that support the planet and humans.

Ethically + sustainably made.  



There's a session fee of $899 that covers curating & designing your experience, talent and shooting time. It also covers Hair and Makeup Artists, curated clothing/lingerie/accessory to keep, treasure chest with curated gifts inside (for you to keep as well!), prints, amongst other amazing keepsakes! 

You can purchase  different Analogue Keepsakes and/or digital options a la carte, at the time of your Reveal/Ordering session. I will provide you with a pricing menu once we have our pre-consultation. Print Packs start at $240+, Albums start at $290+, and usual investment in Analogue Keepsakes/digitals is $1000+ per client.




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